Acting program

Acting program

Today, children are exposed to various media, from television and the Internet to mobile phones, which often attract a lot of attention from viewers, without actually offering a real experience. We believe that it is important to provide children with time to daydream, think calmly, explore their experiences, imagination, and actively create possible situations, process confusing and new situations, etc. The idea of organizing a kindergarten acting program is to provide the child with time to explore and deepen their experiences and enjoy the creative enthusiasm provided by stage play.

The preparation of the artistic context should be approached professionally, offering a well-thought-out wealth of various materials and activities since such an environment is precisely what invites children to play and create. Objects of everyday use instantly become stimuli and props with which children upgrade their imitative and symbolic play into a role-playing game (a wooden spoon can become a magic wand or a large ice cream, a blanket for dolls can become a cloak, and a box can become a magical chest with objects...). Acceptance of a child’s natural creativity, which they express during the educational process, should be carefully nurtured, encouraged, and developed in different forms of expression and creation. The greatest importance lies in the fact that the child should receive enough love, freedom, fun, and power. Children who continuously learn different modalities of verbal and non-verbal communication through various artistic activities become familiar with diversity and its cultural and civilizational value systems and will more easily and constructively accept and understand the community and participate in it.

Program organizers:  Educators of the kindergarten “Mali istraživač”

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