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 When your child becomes a little explorer, it is important to know the following

If you have come to this page, we assume that the time when your child will start kindergarten is approaching. We believe that you have a lot of questions, different thoughts are running through your head, and you probably have a lot of mixed feelings. Parents often wonder if their child will do well in kindergarten, whether they will play, whether they will be accepted by others and find friends, if they will eat and sleep, what happens if they cry for a long time, will someone comfort them, there are feelings of guilt, sadness, relief, helplessness, and many others... Well, to begin with, we want to assure you that all of these thoughts, feelings, and questions are normal and they are here for a reason – to make sure that your child will be okay.

Starting kindergarten is a big change for the child, as well as for the whole family. Some children are separated from their parents for the first time and spend a long time in a new environment. The adaptation stage lasts from several days to several months, and the length of this period depends on various factors: from the child’s temperament, age, whether they were separated from their parents before, what are the child’s previous experiences when it comes to separation, continuity of attendance, parents’ attitudes about kindergarten and their reactions, to the very environment which the child will experience. Adaptation is a process, and what you, as parents, can do is to be aware of it, to be there for your child, and to be supportive.

Imagine yourself in a situation of coming to a new place, how much time is needed to adapt, relax, and start socializing? It is the same with children. Adults, on the other hand, have developed different helpful mechanisms and we will take care of ourselves, but the child shows us how they feel with their behavior and reactions. The child’s reactions during the adaptation stage are different; some children express their sadness and cry, some get angry and do not want anything, some are happy and immediately enter the kindergarten. Sometimes, during the adaptation stage, children want to be with their parents after kindergarten, to be held and cuddled, sometimes they show resistance already upon arrival and do not want to leave the house, sometimes they cry as soon as they see that you have arrived to pick them up. Over the years we have encountered different reactions and all of the children have successfully adapted. What you can do for yourself is to know that adaptation is a process and that it has its stages. You can talk to the child’s educators, the professional team, your friends, and others who have gone through it. Every child is different and has their own path of adaptation, do not compare your child with others’ and focus on what you need.

It is important that the adjustment process be gradual and tailored to the child. The child spends the first days in the kindergarten together alongside the parent, following which their period of stay gradually increases. We often advise parents not to make big changes in their child’s life prior to starting kindergarten, such as weaning off pacifiers, toys, breastfeeding, etc. Also, when separating from the child, let them know that you are leaving so that they are aware of what is happening. That way you build a relationship of trust, instead of just hiding and walking away. We will be here for you and your childJ

Additional useful information:
  • In each dressing room there are cabinets with children’s first and last name. Parents leave spare clothes and personal belongings of the child in the cabinets.  It is important that the child has enough spare clothes every day and that the clothes and shoes are signed/marked.
  • Bring one bag (of your choice) that will be in your child's cabinet and it will be used for dirty clothes.
  • Also, each child should bring clean slippers to the kindergarten, which remain in the kindergarten. 
  • The school year begins on the first Monday in September, when all the newly enrolled little explorers start their journey.
  • The open house for all parents is every year on August 31 in the afternoon. On that day, parents have the opportunity to see the premises where their children will stay during the school year and meet all of the educators who will guide their children.
  • Cooperation with parents is an important part of our curriculum and we have nurtured this form of work since the kindergarten opened its doors. In each school year, we put in place various forms of cooperation; from counseling, individual consultations, parent meetings, workshops, and additional individual support for children.
Take your time and take small but confident steps along the path of little explorers...




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