Sports program

Sports program

Today’s lifestyle, characterized by hustle and bustle, leads to an extremely low representation of physical activities in our lives, including the lives of children of preschool age. We know that physical activities are an important step in the prevention of problems with excess body weight in children, deformation of the locomotor system, and diseases of the circulatory system. Newer research is increasingly emphasizing the need for physical exercise in children of the preschool population, and it is necessary to motivate children to be physically active from an early age.  For this very reason, we introduced a sports program in the kindergarten, which is based on a child’s need to move through play and fun, a basic activity performed in a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere without much effort or burdens placed on the end result. All this, while respecting the developmental characteristics of children and the developmentally appropriate program, aims to encourage the child’s overall development.

Program organizer: Arijana Bujanić – kinesiologist, kindergarten employee.

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