Who we are

Who we are

Kindergarten “Mali istraživač” opened its doors in 2013 in the new residential complex of the Bundek Center. It is located in a purpose-built space for the accommodation of children of early and preschool age. The kindergarten is divided into two houses – the House of Tintilinić and Balthazar’s House, which have fully equipped spaces for educational groups, and two children’s playgrounds equipped with devices for outdoor activities.

The total surface area of the indoor space for the accommodation of children is 1100 m2. In the immediate vicinity of the kindergarten, there is a lake bearing the same name, a true oasis of nature in the middle of the city. Bundek, rightfully so, has the status of one of the most beautiful parks in the city with well-maintained walkways, parks, and green areas, which we use in our daily educational work with children.

The vision of development of the kindergarten “Mali istraživač” is aimed at encouraging the development of a free, self-reliant, resourceful, and responsible child who thinks creatively and critically. The role of our practitioners is not only to prepare the child for school, but to create a solid foundation for life. We have learned through experience that a child’s early and preschool age are not just preparatory stages for adulthood, but a separate part of life with its own values and culture. With this in mind, we have created a kindergarten where the child lives their childhood to the fullest.

Our kindergarten is like a laboratory in which every child has the opportunity to experience childhood in a way that is acceptable to them.

The founder of the kindergarten is a professional who, after 28 years, decided to continue her educational work with children of early and preschool age in a private kindergarten bearing the symbolic name “MALI ISTRAŽIVAČ” (Little Explorer). During her education practice in the City Kindergarten, the scientific circles of the City of Zagreb noticed the results of her practical work, which is why in 2008 she received the City of Zagreb Award for innovation and the best achieved results for her work in the field of early education.

The basic principles of the curriculum of the kindergarten “Mali istraživač” were formed in a research-based collaboration between practitioners and scientists from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. During the past 10 years of our collaboration, we have continued to systematically raise awareness of the quality of existing knowledge by continuously changing our educational practice, while simultaneously transforming ourselves and our professional identity. In other words, we started from the basic idea and we have created a context of joint research and learning, which is recognizable for its openness to new knowledge and further improvement of educational work with children, in such a way that we perceive them as equal partners in the educational process.

Today, this approach to educational work with children is recognized as innovative and worthy of praise by numerous parents. The uniqueness of our work is related to a child’s experience and the art of the organization of space in order for it to become fluid and multifunctional. Our premises are designed to be tailored to the child; with their position, size, and adaptability, they fully correspond to the approach that we want a child to have at an early age, an approach in which we put an emphasis on learning through activities and direct experience. It is an approach in which the space acts as an additional educator, and which offers the possibility of movement, a lot of stimulation, and the freedom to use everything in the space, and it gives a child the opportunity to independently choose the ways and conditions under which they choose to play. With all of the above, we can conclude that a child in our kindergarten has all the prerequisites or living conditions which make them feel at home.

In our activities, we always strive to progress and change in order to maintain the uniqueness that sets us apart and by which we are recognizable in the City of Zagreb and beyond.

Historyof our kindergarten



We were the first in Croatia to receive verification for the implementation of the NTC program. 



We cooperated with the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth, and Social Policy in the implementation of the “Step Forward” project.



We entered the Erasmus+ program with the aim of improving and enriching our own knowledge of educational practice, and achieved an impressive second place at the level of the Republic of Croatia with 98 points.



We were the first in Croatia to receive verification for the implementation of the ABACUS program.



The “KRUG” Association of Business Women awards Ljiljana Vukšić, the founder of the kindergarten, an award for entrepreneur of the year in the category of social entrepreneurship.



Due to the growing interest of parents in enrolling their children in this institution, we are opening a new facility – the BALTHAZAR’S HOUSE, with a surface area of 580 m2. The Balthazar’s House accommodated six mixed groups of children aged three to school age. 



The constant pursuit of new knowledge connects us with Dr. Ranko Rajović, the author of the NTC learning system. It is an innovative program that helps children reach their biological potential to the greatest extent possible.



Five innovative women, who found one another in the kindergarten “Izvor”, found a child-tailored space, which, thanks to its position, size, and adaptability, is able to support the desired educational approach for a child at an early age. 

Why choose us

Encouraging environment

The development of a free, self-reliant, resourceful, and responsible child who thinks creatively and critically is encouraged. 

A child-tailored space

Open and stimulating spaces, equipped with carefully selected materials and didactic toys.

NTC Learning System

Development of higher thought processes, focus, creativity, independence, self-confidence, and positive self-image.

Humanistic approach to the child

Respect and acceptance of diversity and focus on a child’s individual needs.

Interaction between children of different ages

A natural environment in which children of different ages learn and develop knowledge and understanding through activities and cooperation.

Entire team of professionals

Our pedagogue, psychologist, speech therapist, and health manager are available to children and parents at all times.

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Our kindergarten is a place in which a child has the opportunity to live their childhood to the fullest.

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