House of Tintilinić

<p><span>House of </span>Tintilinić</p>

The first facility of the kindergarten “Mali istraživač” was the HOUSE OF TINTILINIĆ, with a surface area of 480 m2. At the very beginning, in 2013, it accommodated five groups of children aged one to school age. Today, the House of Tintilinić is a place where children from the age of one to three are accommodated. We emphasize that various combinations are possible in the organization of the groups, which enable diversity. Even in age-homogeneous groups, two or three groups of different ages should be placed in the same space in order to achieve diversity.  For example, we do this with the first nursery school, which was initially designed in a separate area, and gradually and with the support of the educators, children are accommodated in the interactive area until the moment when they can independently decide how much and in which way they wish to interact with others. The space offers an abundance of structured and unstructured materials, which are, interesting and easily noticeable. They invite children to learn by doing and participating in various activities with other children, and by using materials as sources of knowledge, they form the basis of the good material requirements of this kindergarten. Spontaneous and situational learning of children (independently or with the support of other children of different ages) in an interactive space, full of various stimuli, is an interesting and positive experience for everyone involved. Older children, while taking care of the younger ones and helping them in learning and research, develop social competencies and communication skills, while the younger ones learn from the older ones. In addition to the above, variety is what enables the creation of an atmosphere most similar to a family environment. In our work, we encounter confirmation of this thesis on a daily basis.

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