English language

English language

Children up to the age of eight demonstrate their maximum ability for acquiring language as a means of communication and the maximum sense for language-related melody. Preschool age is the best time to get acquainted with a foreign language, as well as its culture. Since the child has the desire to explore, learn, and know more, the systematic acquisition of everything, including a foreign language, should begin precisely at that age. Linguistics experts believe that the best time to start to learn a foreign language is before the age of six since they then have the ability to imitate correct pronunciation and acquire the language without a foreign accent. The offer of early English language learning is the result of parents’ wishes, which corresponds to our stance as well. We have chosen OXFORD’s early English language-learning program, as well as its accompanying worksheets. The program is implemented every year from September to June through nine monthly cycles (72 hours). Children participate in the program twice a week for 45 minutes.

Program organizers:  Educators of the kindergarten “Mali istraživač”

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