Nursery school The Little Researcher
Let us introduce ourselves to you

Let us introduce ourselves to you

Briefly about us

WE are skilled educators of a nursery school owned by the city, and we have decided to continue our educational activities with children of early and pre-school age inside a privately held nursery school which is symbollically named: «The Little Researcher». The basic idea behind the educational process with children which we have developed in cooperation with scientists from the Faculty of Social Science has found acclaim with many parents and has been viewed as innovative and commendable. What sets us apart from others, is linked to the perception of the child and the skill to organize the space in a way to make it fluid and multifunctional. We create such living conditions within the nursery school that enable the child to feel itself as if being at home, while the educator can achieve team work with ease and perform educational activities better. This differentiates us from other educational institutions.

The scientific world of the City of Zagreb has started to see the results of our practical activities, owing to which in 2008 we were awarded with the PRIZE OF THE CITY OF ZAGREB for innovation and accomplishments in the field of early education. In the 18 years of working together we have systematically been raising consciousness and alternating our educational methods, thereby transforming ourselves and our professional identity. In other words, we have been creating an environment of joint research and learning, known for its openness towards new areas of knowledge and further enhancing educational methods with children in a way which enables us to view children as our equals within the educational process.

Our wish to open a private nursery school has been with us for a long number of years.We had everything: knowledge, will, means to start something.

You are now asking: What have you been waiting for? A SPACE... just like the one we have had in our minds, exactly what we need... A SPACE CUSTOM-MADE FOR A CHILD which can by its location, size and adaptability offer the support for the educational approach to the child at an early age just as we want. It's an approach which highlights learning by action and immeadiate experiencing. That kind of an approach sees the space as its third educator, and it shall offer the possibility of moving around, a lot of stimulators and the freedom of using everything inside it as well as an autonomous choice of ways and conditions under which play, research and learning can take place. WE HAVE FOUND THAT SPACE AT BUNDEK! We have given it a symbolic name.... THE LITTLE RESEARCHER