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Rhythm and dance, classical ballet

Rhythm and dance, classical ballet

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Rhythm and dance

The goal of creative dancing is to bring the art of dancing closer to the children through artistic experience and expression, acquiring basic knowledge and skills in dancing, discovering and developing the talent for dancing, stimulating creativity, mutual respect and cooperation. By taking part in creative dancing the child shall develop its creativity and imagination, listening and rhythm as well memory capacity and it shall get acquianted with basic concepts in the art of dancing. The programme introduces them also to the world of music, which shall further develop their sensitivity towards art and culture.

Rhythm and dance Rhythm and dance Rhythm and dance

Classical ballet

Conceived in a straightforward and amusing manner for the children to acquire knowledge about the terminology of ballet, specific moves and the tradition of classical ballet. Classical ballet develops the child's sense for the aesthetics of movement, concentration, memory, selfdiscipline and maintaining focus, it encourages mutual respect and cooperation by movement. The classical ballet programme for pre-school aged groups is the stepping stone to a dance education later on, as classical ballet is the basis of all dance styles.

PERSONS IN CHARGE OF IMPLEMENTING THE PROGRAMME: educators of the nursery «The Little Researcher», holders of diplomas of the School of Classical Ballet- classical ballet dancer, having extensive experience in conducting this programme for a number of years and receivers of special awards at various competitions.

Classical ballet Classical ballet Classical ballet