Nursery school The Little Researcher
The programme offers ways to detect talent

The programme offers ways to detect talent

Regular 10-hour programme

The regular daily programme is enriched with situational learning of the foreign language (English) for all children admitted to the nursery school through establishing a meaningful communication within a meaningful context, tailored to age and the cognitive development of each child.

Educators apply well-known methods and situational approach, thereby motivating the children to learn English actively and stimulating them to acquire new items of knowledge and skills, at the same time taking care of their developmental possibilities and needs.

We use English in almost all situations during the child's stay in the nursery - there's the individual communication and the communication during activities with smaller and larger groups of children.

A huge advantage of such an integrated programme lies in the possibility of using everyday life situations and stimulators for learning the language (situational learning). It's extremely important to highlight that our educators are in excellent command of the foreign language and they are continuously using it in communicating with children, with additional support from audiovisual, audio or visual appliances.


PERSONS IN CHARGE OF IMPLEMENTING THE PROGRAMME: Educators of the nursery «The little researcher» (10 educators), holders of B2 English certificate. We are gradually introducing a new learning method, the so-called NTC System of Learning in cooperation with dr Ranko Rajović, which is dominated by the child's mental activity and its successful development. The system has been very well and meticulously worked out, it is applicable within the family, at pre-school institutions and during headteachers' classes at primary school. The programme offers ways to recognise the child's talent, its characteristics and possibilities to increase IQ, develop capacities and creative thinking. The main idea behind this is that with help from educators from the nursery and primary school even parents may contribute to the development of the IQ, creative and productive thinking of their children by applying the right approach, and that at the the brain's most dynamic stage of development (by the age of seven).

That is why we think that all children's parent should be involved in the implementation of this programme. More on the NTC System on the video link here VIDEO.