Nursery school The Little Researcher
The spaces of our nursery school

The spaces of our nursery school

Our rooms

The nursery school «The Little Researcher», Ede Murtića 7, was opened in 2013, in the residential area BUNDEK, in a designated building space for accommodating children of early- and pre-school age. The nursery has lavishly equipped rooms meant for different groups of children and a playground with beautiful appliances for the children to have a pleasant time out in the open. In close proximity there is a lake by the same name as the residential area, which is a real natural oasis within the city, and it deservingly holds the status of one of the most beautiful city parks with tended strolling area, parks anad green surfaces, which we shall make use of in our everyday educational activities with the children. The nursery space is divided in two houses which go by the name of «THE HOUSE OF TINTILINIĆ» (a Croatian character from children's stories) and «BALTHASAR'S HOUSE». The entire space takes up 1400 square meters.

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