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The spaces of our nursery school

The spaces of our nursery school

The house of Tintilinić

The house of Tintilinić

THE HOUSE OF TINTILINIĆ , Ede Murtića 7, opened in 2013, is a space designed for accommodating 5 groups of children from the age of 1 year up to 4 years. Acknowledging that children starting from their first. year up to their second year have a specific daily rhythm, which is gradually being adjusted to the rhythm of older children as they are growing up, we organise the space in such a way that the youngest are at the start of the their nursery education isolated from the entire space by a sliding wall.


A separated unit (m2)


Two infant groups of children (between 1 and 2 years of age)

110 m2


As the year progresses, in line with the natural rhythm adjustment of younger and older children, we are gradually opening up the sliding walls, enabling mutual contacts which are getting longer upon each time right until the moment of a smooth joining together of the groups into one integral unit made up of children of different ages (living in an interactive environment).


Interactive spaces (m2)


Three mixed groups of children

220 m2


From 2015, this house has a separate sports hall in which the youngest researchers shall have the opportunity to work out under the guidance of educators.